Serious Comic – L2 Critical Culture and Identity Text (Multilingual Comic)

For Application 2: Serious Comics and Graphic Texts, I decided to create a Serious Comic about culture and identity. Choosing Option 2, I utilized my multilingual knowledge (Urdu and English) to tell a narrative about my identity through a polyglot comic.

The challenges I found were creating a narrative that would flow cohesively, while simultaneously touching upon current issues in regards to my personal identity. I wanted to tell a story about culture/identity that is current, drawing on real-world events in the media. Making the images and visuals in my comic flow and look cohesive was also a challenge because I did not use my own original photography throughout the comic. I attempted to solve this problem of cohesion by remixing images found on Google (using the filters on the Comic Life application) to look like the Benday Dot technique in order to make my visuals cohesive and comic-like. Finally, another challenge was incorporating two languages into one text. The limited space on each page, not to mention the even more limited space in each panel, made it challenging to fit multilingual text without the comic looking too text-heavy. To rectify this issue, I decided to vary the amount of L2 text in each panel; providing a complete word-to-word translation versus highlighting only keywords.

I thoroughly enjoyed using Comic Life to create my comic, as its user-friendly interface employs various conventions of comics and graphic texts in a convenient, easy-to-use method.

I hope you enjoy reading Hijab Story: A Serious Comic About Identity!




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